Wake, Study for MCAT, Repeat.

Wake, Study for MCAT, Repeat.
WOW, it has been a while since I have posted anything. Life, well MCAT, caught up to me but we here now so legggoooo. 
It is about that time for medical school applications. My whole life I have said that I wanted to be a doctor. To know that I am currently at that point where I am applying is mind-boggling. It is honestly a blessing to even be in this position.  As per one of my previous posts, my plan of studying for MCAT during the semester and taking it in May was a complete fail. I decided that once classes were over, I was going IN. 
I removed myself from distractions, deleting all social media. Some may say that’s a bit extreme but I personally wanted to be fully devoted to MCAT. I bought a passion planner before I started studying, and made a realistic schedule. (Major Key)
One of my biggest goals while studying was to still find ways to incorporate things I loved to do, to keep me sane you know. At the end of the day, I was not going to allow MCAT to take total control of my life. In my schedule, I made sure to incorporate my daily devotions, time for the gym, time for friends and time to relax. I made Sundays my lighter days where I would go to church, meal prep, and work on my application. While I still made time for things I loved, I also knew I could not be at every scene. You have to keep yourself accountable.
The biggest major key for me while studying was my support system. My friend was studying for the Dental Admission Test (DAT); we kept each other accountable. I also kept in contact with other friends who were studying for MCAT. This post sounds pretty happy, but I can say I had some of my lowest moments while studying, and it was the support of my friends and family who kept me going. (Sigh, my spiritual faith while studying deserves its own post). Sometimes we need someone there to believe in us when we stop believing in ourselves. 
There will be so many opinions about the best way to study for MCAT. Quite honestly, it is something you have to figure out for YOURSELF. Ask advice, speak to people who made it, but also keep in mind that someone else’s path to success may differ from yours.  MCAT is no joke, study intentionally. I thought I knew a lot when I took these science classes, but studying for MCAT allowed me to look at things from a different perspective. I became excited about learning content and that helped me in the long run.
I do not know how well I did on MCAT or what my future entails, but I trusted in God to guide me through the whole studying process and I am trusting in him now. Say it with your chest, “I will be a doctor”!  I’ll be making a post about the application process soon, recommendation letters, etc. If you want me to talk about anything else, let me know! 
As Always, Stay Fabulous!

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