Keep Going

Keep Going

I have been wanting to type a blog post for a while now, but I haven’t been able to find something I wanted to share with you all. I realized that it just has to occur naturally. So here I am, it is 9:55am, I have to get to anatomy lab in an hour, and thoughts are rambling through my brain.  

Honesty hour:

After what was reported to be the hardest exam of the semester, we had a nutrition intensive which was pretty chill and needed. Following this nutrition intensive, we got back into the groove of things. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get back into the groove of things; I lost all motivation to study. I was beating myself up pretty bad about it too. I would get home after classes and do nothing. Literally… nothing. I did okay on the exam, but it was not my best performance. 

Med school doesn’t wait for you to get your life together, so after that exam, we moved on to the material we are currently on as of now. In my prayers, I asked God for motivation to finish off this semester strong, to intentionally study, and put my full effort in. We have 3 exams the day before Thanksgiving, so this is not the time for me to be slacking off. 

As I sat here this morning watching lectures, my eyes glazed over a pin my friend gave me that said “Keep Going”. Now, this pin is ALWAYS on my desk. I never really thought much of it. But as I sat here watching this lecture, I couldn’t help but think it was God telling me to keep going, keep pushing forward, he is with me and will never leave my side. 

I reflected on the position I was at this time last year, not knowing what my future would be with medical school applications, losing motivation. Last year, God told me to keep going, in a position where I lost all hope. I look at how he has answered my prayers, and the position I am in now.

So for whoever reads this post, I am here to encourage you to keep going. And that can be in any aspect of your life. I hope this speaks to you and you immediately know what you need to “keep going” in. I listened to Gazy Faith this morning, a series by Transformation Church, and they mentioned how you can plant a seed and not even see the wonders God is doing. I hope this blog post serves as a seed, and can make an impact on at least 1 person’s day. 

Keep Going, and know for wherever you go God will be with you. 

It is now 10:20, let’s hope I make it to class on time!

As always, stay fabulous. 


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