After a week in surgery, is it now at the top of my list?

After a week in surgery, is it now at the top of my list?

This past week I spent my final preceptorship at UFHealth in Jacksonville with the gen surg department. Though I initially had absolutely no interest in surgery, I strategically chose it for this final preceptorship because I wanted to 1. rule it out completely (lol) and 2. see if I would be interested in doing procedures.

Just to get us all up to speed, my first preceptorship was in outpatient peds. I came into medical school wanting to go into peds. I loved the kiddos, and work environment, but I realized I like sick patients. We would refer the patient out and all I could think about was what could possibly be going on. I ruled out primary care after this preceptorship.

My second preceptorship was cardio after I developed an interest in the field after our cardio block. Long story short, I loved it. Read more about it in my blog post about it.

I came into this third preceptorship with an open mind. I wasn’t sure what to expect. This surgery preceptorship was honestly my favorite for many reasons.

For starters, I really enjoyed the atmosphere in Jacksonville. Attendings, surgical residents, nurses, scrubs techs, staff, everyone was extremely kind and willing to teach me something. There was also more melanated folks in Jacksonville. This may not seem like much to others, but it is so refreshing when you aren’t the only person of color in the room. It’s something I got used to when I came up to Gainesville for undergrad, it feels normal now. In the 11 surgeries I sat in for, not once was I ever the only black person in the OR.

I also enjoyed how hands on this preceptorship was. Change is always exciting, so it was exciting to learn new things. I learned how to scrub in, perform different surgical knots/suturing techniques and was able to put in a foley. As first and second year medical students, we honestly don’t get many opportunities to do much. So even though all these things were honestly not major, it was still super exciting for me. It was also cool to see how much anatomy I really do know. I guess a little more motivation to study anatomy.

So question of the hour, is surgery now on the top of my list? Despite how exciting this past week was for me, I can almost confidently say surgery is not for me. I enjoy clinic and speaking to my patients. I also know that I want to be Esther the doctor and not the doctor Esther. A work life balance is extremely important to me. One thing this preceptorship did show me was that I enjoyed being hands on.

I can potentially see a specialty like Ob/gyn being exciting for me because of the procedural and clinic balance. I also get bored pretty easily so again I can see ob/gyn being pretty fun to do. Who knows? Thank goodness for third year LOL.

Anyways that is all for now, it will be interesting in the end to see where I end up matching into so I really want to keep blog posts like this going.

As always, stay fabulous!



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